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== History ==
Vanraj Chavda's father was Jayshikhari Chavda, a king of northern Gujarat was assassinated before Vanraj was born. His capital of state was Panchasar (first capital of Gujarat) (right now located in[panchasar] near Shankheswar, District-Patan).

Vanraj's mother[rup sundari] fled to the forests (today located between Dasada and Vadgam, a place known as koyalma-goddess temple(also known as vadkuva).there is one stepwell,which water is pure crystle clear. People believe that goddess [[Chamunda]] gives instruction as Koyal-gujarati word- to Vanraj Chawra's mother about enemies' army will coming) of Radhanpur where she gave birth to a boy, who was named Vanraj (King of the forest). The young Vanraj was educated by Jain priests and gained an academic as well as a military education. He eventually raised an army of [[Bhil]] tribals and helped by his friend and lieutenant Anhil, regained his father's lost kingdom.

Vanraj Chavda founded the city of [[Patan, Gujarat|Anhilpur Patan]], naming it in honour of Anhil, and made it the capital of his kingdom. It went on to be the most prosperous city of its time in India. He also founded the city of [[Champaner]], in honour of his general Champa.

Vanraj Chawra was succeeded by his son Kshemraj Chavda.